How To Cocoon Yourself With Hypnosis

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How To Cocoon Yourself With Hypnosis


How To Cocoon Yourself With Hypnosis

Cocooning is a technique in which you can learn to hypnotize yourself to deep relaxation without realizing it. Many individuals are familiar with the term hypnosis but few know how to perform the different stages of hypnosis. If you learn how to cocoon yourself, you will have an extraordinary opportunity to enhance your personal powers of concentration and imagination.

How does cocooning work? When you enter into the relaxed state of deep relaxation, your conscious mind becomes a hologram of your subconscious mind. The majority of our waking hours are spent in what is called the subconscious state. Through the use of special exercises and progressive relaxation, we can synchronize our conscious and subconscious states. Through this process we can learn to access the stored subconscious memory and information.

Many people who practice the art of relaxation use what is called a sleep cocoon. Sleep cocoons are simply a specialized blanket or pillow that helps to protect you from the awakening of your conscious mind while you are in deep relaxation. When you first enter into the state of relaxation, the brain has not had a chance to become accustomed to the heavy trance it will be in after you go to sleep. As a result, your conscious mind will awake, but it will be unable to differentiate between real and dream time. The reason for this is that it is in REM sleep that we store most of our memories.

When you learn how to cocoon yourself, you will learn how to identify when your mind should wake you. You will then be able to tell when you are dreaming or not. This will allow you to immediately remove yourself from the dream state and place yourself back in the waking state. You will then be able to make positive decisions and learn how to live life in the moment. Cocooning will open many doors for you as you learn more about the art of relaxation.

If you find that you are prone to daydreaming, you may benefit from hypnotic sleep aids such as a metronome and recording tapes that play calming music while you are in deep relaxation. Another helpful tool is a pendant that can be clipped on your wrist. This pendant can come on contact with a special oil that will put you in a trance-like state. You will then be able to focus your attention and use your imagination to create a new reality.

While cocooning can help you learn how to use hypnosis properly, it can also be used as a fun activity for friends and family. Simply get some relaxing music, dim the lights, invite a few guests over, turn on the metronome and cocoon yourself. After the designated time, invite everyone to come out of their binaural state and sit down with you. Encourage them to tell you stories about their past and current experiences.